Animal Welfare

For those who may have any concerns with regard to animal welfare please be assured that all our birds are in great condition physically and mentally, and are legally held, bred in captivity.

Our birds are trained by Paul who holds the LANTRA qualification in Falconry, and are maintained to the highest possible standard. Our staff are trained by Paul to Lantra standards.

Each individual bird is registered with the proper authorities and where required holds an EC Cites certificate for public display and commercial use.

Haven Falconry holds Performing Animals Licences.

All our equipment and transport boxes meet or exceed best practice recognised throughout the international falconry community.

Each individual bird is meticulously trained and socialised to be happy in their environment and they are constantly monitored when on display to the public. Any bird that shows any discomfort, fatigue or stress would be immediately removed from the display.

Please be assured the mental and physical well-being of our birds will always come first, whether at home, on a Hawk Walk or on display.