Our temporary opening times

10am until 3.30pm every day. Entry price £5 per adult, £3.50 children 5-16yrs, under 5's free.

Government Covid 19 guidance being followed for the safety of visitors and staff.

About Haven Falconry

Haven Falconry was founded by Paul Martin and his wife Sally. Paul very sadly passed away in 2018 but his lifelong passion for all things wildlife, in particular birds of prey resulted in his dream of opening Haven Falconry Bird of Prey Centre in 2016, his legacy which through his staff continues to thrive, and is in fact the only bird of prey centre on the Isle of Wight.

The ethos behind Haven Falconry is to promote and preserve the art of falconry and birds of prey for further generations … To promote education through entertainment and the sharing of knowledge.

Paul had a natural interest in wildlife from an early age and at the age of just eight had his first bird, a Kestrel. He successfully reared it and went on to train it to fly to the fist. Over these early years, his knowledge built with the help of an interested teacher who supplied Paul with books and advice. It became common knowledge in his village that he loved birds and so he was frequently given birds to look after. It was not uncommon for his mother to open his wardrobe or chest of drawers only to find a feathered friend!

Later Paul joined the Army and would often take his owls and kestrels back to camp after leave, and would get into trouble for keeping them in the drying room where they often made a mess on military uniforms! On one occasion he had a locker inspection and to the horror of the inspecting officer, his locker was home to live mice (food for the birds). Paul’s mother had a letter from his commanding officer asking her to make sure he had no livestock on him on his return to barracks after leave!

After his spell in the Army, Paul had various birds of prey including sparrowhawks, buzzards, little owls and barn owls. He spent lots of time with a falconer in Winchester who taught him more skills and built his knowledge.

Sally was married to Paul for 37 years and shares his passion for wildlife and animals, and in recent years helped Paul build Haven Falconry from a hobby to his bird of prey centre, despite maintaining her career as a General Practice Nurse.